Everhard Schneider Descendants

In preparing this family tree page we have been careful to not reveal private information about any individual. In today's world of “information overload” way too much information is available on the Internet. Public information on birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc. provide all kinds of information that should probably be private... for those of us who work hard to create family tree data we find a trove of information readily available from all kinds of sources. We will never show detailed information on the Internet... what we do show on this family tree site is first name, last name and year born of all living people known to be descendants of Everhard Schneider (much less information than is readily available from many other public sources). The problem of family tree sharing is complicated by the policies of Ancestry, Roots Web and other family tree websites that show only deceased people on their websites. That policy makes it difficult to visualize how 2nd, 3rd cousins, etc. relate to each other. We think families are important and like to see relationships in chart form for easy understanding of how we are related; which is why we created this website. With all that being said... if anyone does not want their first name, last name and year of birth shown just let us know and we will only show a “box” for that person. This website is a “work in progress”... we know there are many missing names that need to be included on this family tree site so please send us the data, so others can be included (and tell us your source of the information provided... personal knowledge, county birth certificate, etc.)... send info to my email at 484bob@UNKNOWN.com (to defeat the email scanners replace the word UNKNOWN with gmail when sending me an email).

To read detailed information about the first 4 generations of Everhard Schneider descendants... (CLICK HERE)... (generations 5 through 10 contain living people so details of those generations are considered private and not shown... as explained above, the first name, last name and year born of all people known to be descendants of Everhard Schneider are shown on the charts listed below). Listed below are all names on this website with the chart number on which they are shown. Look at the list to determine the chart number and then click on the chart number immediately below.